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Ashtray Boy’s music will rise from the ashes once again in the release of their entire catalog on all download and streaming platforms. The band began in 1984 as the solo project of Australian native Randall Lee, the singer/songwriter of the legendary Aussie combo, The Cannanes. Ashtray Boy currently consists of Randall Lee, J. Niimi and Carla Bruce-Lee.  

In 1992, Lee began recording his first album in Chicago with drummer J. Niimi, bassist David Trumfio (The Pulsars, Wilco producer) and vocals from pre-Guyville Liz Phair. The resultant full-band debut, The Honeymoon Suite, was released in 1993.

During the mid-1990s, there were two working versions of Ashtray Boy based in Sydney and Chicagowho both underwent changes in their lineups, with Lee splitting his time between the two. Throughout the years, Ashtray Boy has released a total of nine albums: The Honeymoon Suite (1993), Macho Champions (1995), Candypants Beach (1995), The Everyman’s Fourth Dimension (1996), There’s Your Heart (1999), The King’s Buccaneer (2000), The Euro (2004), Last Year’s Song (2007) and latest LP Together (2013), a wide-ranging collection of singles, b-sides, compilation tracks and outtakes.

Be on the lookout for Ashtray Boy’s tenth album release later this year.



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