farewell dear ghost
Farewell Dear Ghost is the stage name of 24-year-old singer/songwriter Philipp Szalay. We Colour the Night is about how things grow, change and go ...

Growing up in the mountains of Austria, Philipp was a country kid that spent his youth skiing. He began his studies in science, but it was his interest in the arts that made him pick up a guitar. “It was just something I really wanted, so I had my friend show me the chords and I kind of taught myself the rest,” said Philipp. In 2008, he headed to Graz, Austria in pursuit of a masters degree in education, while also beginning to work on his music more seriously. 

He borrowed the name Farewell Dear Ghost from a piece by German band Monta. “I just really liked the lyrics,” said Philipp. With the help of his musician friends and Producer Christofer Frank, he was able to define a new sound for his music and record the songs in the way they resounded in his head. 

Fire - Farewell Dear Ghost


We Colour The Night 
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